Close Encounters

A Social Distancing
& Contact Tracing System

Built specifically for organisations to help safely transition employees back to work.

For Employees

Proximity warning
Protect yourself in a virtual bubble. Subtle alert sounds warn when encounters are a little too close.

Automatic contact tracing
Using bluetooth, an automatic log of your recent encounters is created. Your exposure can be easily assessed and you will be notified if necessary.

No location tracking
No phone number or email needed

For Employers

For Health and Safety personnel, including the nominated Communications Coordinator, the admin dashboard provides full insight into all the personnel a symptomatic or infected employee has come into contact with.

Rapid contact tracing
Highlight the contacts that are most at risk given the proximity and duration of the contact so these can be traced first.  

Distancing metrics
Are your social distancing measures effective? Monitor trends in encounter frequency, length and distance to inform your on-the-ground distancing strategy.